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Do you fancy a fun tournament? Do you know someone who would like to play FootGolf?

Talk to friends, family, acquaintances, ... and be sure to sign up for this tournament!


The Sint Maarten Cup on 11 November is a recreational introductory duo tournament aimed at introducing new or interested players to FootGolf in a low-threshold manner.


A duo or team consists of a BFGA member and a non-member or 2 non-members. 

Games are played according to the fourball concept, with the exception that the average score per team counts instead of the best score.


Date: Thursday, 11 November 2022 at 2pm (shotgun)

Location: Golf Course Hasselt

Team: BFGA member + non-member or 2 non-members

Game concept is fourball: 2 players per team, each player plays with own ball, average score per team after 18 holes counts

Price: €30 per team


Registration at the latest on Sunday 6 November 2022


Are you interested but don't know a member of bfga?

Feel free to send an email to

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